What’s so special about Vebu burgers?

From market to mouth

We buy our ingredients from local markets and prepare them fresh in Aarhus. We also make our own home-made vegan mayo! And the buns come from a local bakery.

Hand crafted with love

Each one of our vegan burger patties is hand-made! We clean, peel, cut and cook the veggies by ourselves to give you that home-cooking taste that we know you love.

An old family recipe

We've taken a family recipe from Croatia and given it a Danish twist, inspired by Nordic vegan ingredients. You will not find this burger anywhere else.

Where to find our veggie burgers in Aarhus?

Our menu

7 delicious vegan burgers

Choose between 5 different burgers: Green Burger, Purple Burger, Yellow Burger, Red Burger and Brown Burger. There’s also Double Burger and Rainbow Burger
(all 5 patties in one bun)!

Kickass Fries & Tornado Potato

Each menu comes with a side of our Kickass Fries. And if you’re feeling extra potato-y today, try our Tornado Potato – a thinly sliced, deep-fried potato in the shape of a (you guessed it) tornado!

Vegan cheese & home-made dips

Like it creamy? Who doesn’t? Add a slice of vegan cheese - it’s made from coconut! Or one of our home-made burger sauces, like our vegan garlic mayo or chili mayo. Aww yiss.


Our philosophy

We believe that vegetables taste amazing on their own and that there’s no need to imitate meat with added colorings and flavors. That’s why Vebu vegan burgers are free from animal products, additives and anything you can’t pronounce …or your grandma wouldn’t recognize. Our vegan burgers focus 100% on bringing out the amazing taste of veggies. At the same time, they’re good for you…and good for the environment. Win, win, win!




What do others say about us?

Based on 9 reviews
Very good vegetarian burgers! Recommend to everyone who hasn't tried yet
Bingbing L.
Bingbing L.
Tak for skøn mad!
Vi købte grøn og rød burger. De var super gode :)
Peder Klith B.
Peder Klith B.
awesome and delicious...yummy
Marzena G.
Marzena G.
pyszne wegańskie burgery,bardzo sympatyczna i szybka obsługa, będę tu wracać z ogromną przyjemnością.
Magda M.
Magda M.
The best vegan burgers I've ever eaten!
Hela D.
Hela D.
Some of the best veggie burgers I had!
10/10 would recommend to even non vegan friends
Valentim A.
Valentim A.
Bardzo mi smakowały te wegańskie burgery polecam, o niebo lepsze niż z mięsem.
Marzenna P.
Marzenna P.
Great and healthy burgers for the best price! Yellow one is probably one of my favorites although all the colors are fun to eat.
Sigita P.
Sigita P.
Tried the Green Burger menu. It was one of the best burgers I have had 👍💚
Rune Ø.
Rune Ø.

Try the best burgers in Aarhus!

Vebu burgers were rated 5/5 stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ by: everyone's grandma. Wondering why? Find out! Meet us in Mølleparken, Aarhus C or order online.

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