About us

The idea of Vebu started in the kitchen, born from the love of cooking and a frustration towards existing plant- based products, especially burgers. With so many brands trying to imitate meat, we took a step back and asked, “what if vegan burgers tasted and looked like vegetables instead?” Vebu Foods took a family recipe that uses only natural ingredients and came up with something completely different from what is on the market.


We believe vegetables taste great on their own; they just need the right spices, recipes, and love. That’s why all of our recipes are made using pure, natural ingredients. We’re committed to bringing colorful and flavorful whole vegetables to your plate. So whether you’re totally vegan, eating plant-based sometimes, or eat meat regularly, you can still enjoy Vebu products.


No artificial ingredients or additives, but whole vegetables in each bite. You can even see the veggie chunks in all of our products.

Cooked with

Inspired by a family recipe, we mix and cook our vegetables locally in Denmark. You can bake, fry, or prepare our products however you like.

Enjoy the

There’s nothing bland or boring about our products. Each variation has its own unique combination of spices to knock the taste out of the park.


Nowadays, many of us have different food preferences. From what vegetables and flavors we enjoy, to how much meat we consume and how frequently. Often our friends, family and colleagues have different tastes than we do - and that’s ok. Despite these differences, there is a future where everyone can sit down together and enjoy a healthy, flavorful meal in good company.